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Hello Travel Lovers!

I'm back and also back on a plane on my way to Nashville, Tennessee to meet up with my girl Maddie to write some awesome music and meet up with a bunch of other creatives in the industry.

The first thing that I can tell you about Nashville is that the air quality isn't the best and it makes you feel a little sick. I've literally had dizzy spells and headaches everyday and that hasn't happened to me in the longest time...

Whilst I'm in Nashville I also wanna head to at lest three vegan cafes - so I will be posting them down below as well as any other cafes/restaurants I go to!

Nashville is such a fun town to experience with so much country music, food and all round GREAT people. Did I mention the Honky Tonks? Yeah well.... it's wild!!! I ended up experiencing walking down Broadway, which is the main strip of all the pubs and bars in downtown Nashville.

Listed below are the cafes and restaurants I went to in Nashville:




2509 12th Ave. South Nashville, TN 37204

I was literally at Frothy Monkey nearly everyday! The coffee is BOMB, food is great, atmosphere is beautiful and the cocktails... don't even get me started! You too will fall in love with the stunning coffeehouse. Only down fall is that you pay $6 USD for a coffee!!!!! That's nearly $8 CAD. BUT they locally roast the beans IN Nashville, so I shouldn't complain! It's totally worth it, so get your butt to Frothy!!

Frothy Monkey has five locations in the vicinity of Nashville, TN including - 12 South, Downtown Nashville, Franklin, Chattanooga Southside & The Nations. Click here to find the closest coffeehouse to you.

2. THE SOUTHERN V *plant based*


Buchanan Street Business District 1200 Buchanan Street Nashville, TN 37208

If you've already been to Nashville and experienced eating at The Southern V then you already know whats up. On the other hand if you haven't then you wouldn't believe me if I told you that The Southern V is 100% plant based and in fact has Nashville HOT CHICKEN and I'm not lying when I say this, it's 100000% SPICY HOT!

Click right on the photos to see my reaction!

Not only do they have plant based chicken, but they have nachos, salads, sandwiches and if you have a sweet tooth then they've got you covered too. I highly recommend going here if you are vegan and even if you aren't the food is great and they use eco friendly utensils!

Click here to head to The Southern V's website for more info :)

I promise you wont regret it!



12 South

1110 Caruthers Ave,

Nashville, TN 37204

Did some one say DONUTS????!! When it comes to sweets, I don't muck around. I'm a sucker for anything that tastes sweet, but I honestly can't have tooooo much cause then i feel a bit gross.

Five Daughter is pretty much a donut heaven. You can order online for events or go in store and select from a large variety of donuts to satisfy your taste buds. They have very limited on vegan options, but hey it's a start!

They have 7 locations all across the USA the states include Tennessee, Atlanta and Florida!

Click here to find the closest location to you throughout your travels.



Nashville Belcourt

1805 21st Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212

I will forever remember eating at Hop Doddy for three specific reasons...

1. The first time I ever tried the Impossible burger and the best plant based burger I've had to date.

2. I met some lovely American girls and chatted about life with them

3. The atmosphere of the bar/restaurant and that you can draw on the walls with chalk!

If those three reasons are good enough for you to get your booty to Hop Doddy then I don't know what will! If you're a lover of burgers then you will most definitely fall in love with this burger bar.

Check out some photos to your left of the three things I listed above! How goods my Canadian hat! hehe

Click here for more details about Hop Doddy and other locations around town and across the USA. There's 36 Locations in total, but 3 in Tennessee!



Hillsboro Village

2003 Belcourt Avenue Nashville, TN  37212

So.... for the people that have known me prior to transitioning to my plant based lifestyle know that I was obsessed with cheese! The Grilled Cheeserie was such a treat, for non dairy consumers and dairy consumers, but just know that the plant based version is BOMB and you should probably pick that over any other option ;)

They also have a vegan milkshake and a selection of other eats including sandwiches, mac n cheese and salads. I created my own *cheese toastie* to all of my aussies out there hehe, with avocado and vegan cashew cheese and it was BOMB!!!

Click here to check out the three other locations in Tennessee, along with The Grilled Cheeserie food truck!!

They also have some bomb apparel and I'm so stumped I didn't buy the GRILLED CHEESE sweater.. maybe next visit!



Nashville West End

117 28TH Ave N

Nashville, TN 37203

I think the name of this place says it all. Such a variety of cookie doughs and ice-cream with so many toppings, you can even create your own dough. Ask for dairy free options if you are plant based or lactose intolerant :)

Click here to find the closest location to you in Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky or Missouri



Hillsboro Village

1819 21st Ave S Nashville, TN 37212 615-292-8636

The minute you walk past Jeni's you get this tremendous smell of waffle cone!! I'm not kidding, it's probably the most delicious thing you've ever smelt! unfortunately the cones are NOT vegan, but they do have a variety of vegan sorbets, plus you get a free ice-cream on your birthday!!!!


Click here to see where the closet Jeni's is to you in Nashville!



Just pick one there's

like 500 of them in Tennessee

and theres 2342 all over the

United States to be exact!

Opened 24 Hours and 365 days a year, Waffle House provides a BOMB hash breakfast bowl with toppings you chose, waffles of course *not vegan*, nice hot black coffee and a good old OJ!

With a cute little diner interior with a juke box, it's definitely something everyone should experience if you're down south!

Click here to find your closest Waffle House, trust me theres one right under your nose and you don't even know it!

I promise I didn't only eat in Nashville, even though eating is my FAVOURITE thing to do when travelling. I wrote a bunch of cool music and met some incredible people in the industry and even had a couple photoshoots with my new friends Robbi & Shelly (click on their names to look at their works). If you are creative and looking for some new photos then definitely connect with them! Here's some photos from the gallery!

Over all, I loved Nashville and can't wait to go back again!

Along with all the food that I consumed, photoshoots and song writing sessions.

I got two new tattoos and two that are really important to me

Treble Clef/Bass Clef/Semi Colon: This tattoo resembles my love and passion for music as a performer, song writer and music listener, I incorporated a semi colon as it represents mental health struggles and the importance of suicide prevention. I feel music has helped not only me, but so many other individuals with their mental health struggles.

Seven Pointed Star: This tattoo has three different meanings to me and all very special!

1. Home is Australia and this is our star on our flag that resembles the 7 states and territories in Australia.

2. My Sisters birthday is on Australia day

3. My childhood nickname/stage name was and kinda still is to my parents, Brooke Star

I also rode the electric scooter through the streets of Nashville, shopped till I actually dropped and found all of the graphic walls I could to take my instagram pics!

I love you NASHVILLE! Can't wait to visit again x

Peace & Love Always,


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Twitter: @itsbrooklxn

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