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Heyyyyyaaaa Travel Lovers!

It's been a hot minute since we spoke last! MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR and all that Jazzzzz.

This blog post is all things Kamloops & BC and why I've ventured out to the West! I've also attached photos and vlogs with this post, so enjoy!

December 29th came flying around right after Christmas and it was time to get packing to head off to Kamloops bright and early in the morning. In fact, I had to be up at 4am... yep, gross. I also only had 2 hours sleep, so even better.

You're probably all wondering why I'm heading to a tiny town in British Columbia that has the population of 90,280 people, when I've never climbed a mountain or skied in my life. Well, I'm venturing out there to meet a complete stranger that I met on instagram through music and her parents. Yeah..... ARE YOU DUMB? (Toronto Slang) Maybe, but I have I got to lose right? Plus, I had been talking to the Olds family on FaceTime for 2 full months prior to meeting them.

As I land in Kamloops I really absorb my surroundings (which was full of mountains) and just immerse myself into the beautifulness that this small town already has to offer. I walk through the big automatic glass doors and there she was, a beaming bundle of joy 'Madison Olds'. We clicked like a house on fire and knew instantly that I wasn't going to want to go back to Toronto after the 5 short days I had with her.

We bonded, laughed, drank, sang and wrote music and it was magic.

From my short/sweet visit to Kamloops and what i got to see of it was absolutely stunning!

I feel in love with the mountains, the air and the people!

There wasn't too many restaurants in Kamloops that I explored, but you definitely need to go to Lucky's, eat the vegan tacos OR hot wings (if you aren't vegan) and play some pinball and space invaders! Such a fun time!! Other cool places to go are:

* Be TEASed (Restaurant Cafe - Vegan/Vegetarian Options)

* Rocky MountainChocolate Factory - Dark Chocolate is Vegan)

* Reservoir Coffee

* Value Village (Canadian thrift store)

* Drive to Kelowna

* Head downtown to all the bars and restaurants

* GO TO VANCOUVER - Cause I didn't and I wanted to (one day though)

While I was in Kamloops I was lucky enough to have my very first and special experience skiing at Sun Peaks resort, which is the second best ski resort in Canada in comparison to going to Whistler. So to ski there for my very first time was beyond amazing! I also had an amazing instructor (Maddie's Dad Dave) who is an instructor and ski's backwards!!!! Like how?????

I'm so grateful for being able to travel to Kamloops and spend some special quality time with Maddie and her family and being fortunate enough to ski on the PROPER side of town in Canada for my first time. Check out my skiing montage HERE

Being in Kamloops was a first for many things for me, one of my first writing sessions with more than just one person and getting warm in a jacuzzi outside in -4ºC. But not only did I sit in a jacuzzi in the cold, I had to go to the next level and jump out of the jacuzzi and roll in the snow like a toffee roll and then jump back into the warm water and GOD DAMN it makes your skin burn like a B***H!!! But so much fun & worth it cause apparently thats what "REAL CANADIANS" do on the West coast in Winter ;) The videos linked down below!!

Thanks for stopping bye and checking in!

I can't wait to explore more of the West Coast of Canada, I know I'm going to love it!

Peace & Love Always,

Brooklxn xxx

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