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​For Mikk's 30th Birthday I surprised him with a ticket to go on a cruise ship around the South Pacific Islands. We ended up travelling to 5 different Islands that were all so beautiful in their own unique way.

This was Mikk's first experience going on a cruise, but my third. I previously have been on another two cruise ships that come from the P&O Cruise line family, which were also so amazing!

Let me start off with saying that this cruise was GINORMOUS!!!

It had a basketball court, an ice skating rink, a mini golf course, so many theatres & restaurants, along with pools and a pretty big gym (Mikk approved, lol)

Here's a few snaps before we sailed off!


Besides how big & beautiful the cruise was you do get a little claustrophobic, especially if you have a room that doesn't have a window or balcony.

Let's get on to the beautiful Islands.

Lifou Island, Vanuatu

This Island would of have to of been one of my favourites because there were three things to do on the Island that were in a short distances & you could do them all with the amount of time that you have to spend on the Island.

1. Jinek Bay

A beautiful bay for snorkelling, sitting on the jetty and enjoying some cold refreshing water. There's normally a man collecting money $10-$15 each (even though it's the ocean so it should be for free right?) but we went late so there was no one there. You can hire flippers and a snorkel mask near the entry to Lifou for $15 per set also!

2. Peng Beach

Relax on the beautiful Island with not a care in the World, while you drink a coconut, go for a swim and absorb a whole lot of vitamin D

3. Lifou Cave

Ok, so this cave is amazing, but I heard that If you try to get in the cafe without paying a guy will chase you with a gun. You'll think that this natural wander is for free because there's no boom gate, security or a ticket booth system. The cave has literally been claimed by some locals and there is no set price to go inside (the more people you have, the cheaper it is). Heading down to the cave was such a beautiful forest of greenery and rocks, but once you get inside it's game over with the beautiful fresh cold water and a little rock to jump off.

Click below to see a slideshow of pictures from Lifou Island

Port Vila Island, Vanuatu

Port Vila was a lot more advanced than Lifou. With more houses, buildings and business, including duty free. When you enter Lifou you will be greeted by some men playing the guitar and singing for you followed by the markets. BE WARE!!!! After the markets you will hit a volcano of men swapping at you to drive you around and they will try and take you for a ride and charge you way more than it's worth in any metropolitan city. But it also makes me sad because the amount of money they do earn in a day is no where near what any of us earn. We didn't do much on this Island but go to this nice bar called The Beach Bar, where I had my very first watermelon daiquiri. Unfortunately we found out that there is a Blue Lagoon in Port Vila as we were leaving - I would prepare in advance what you want to do at this Island cause there is a lot to choose from, including waterfalls, jet skiing and more.

Mystery Island, Vanuatu

I've been to Mystery Island twice before and it's safe to say that it's an Island I'll never get sick of, except this time I nearly drowned!! In saying that the Island is filled with the most beautiful beach, locals traditional dancing, stores, snorkelling and hair braiding. This holiday was for relaxing and i tell you... That's what we did!

Click below to see a slideshow of pictures from Mystery Island

Maré Island, New Caledonia

This was my very first visit to Maré Island and it was just perfection! Except for the tonnes of blue bottles! The Island kids were beautiful, the sad was so white and we found a little private part of the beach with a cave. This was probably my favourite beach - so crystal clear and refreshing, the only down fall was the blue bottles! The locals on Maré have the sweetest hearts (let me tell you a little story) There was a lady drowning on the Island in Maré and being a Island that isn't very advanced, they had no life guards and no one to look out for the visitors. There were two men on the beach this time round with binoculars, uniform and a box trying to raise money for a jet ski for themselves to help incase any unfortunate events were to happen again. They were also walking around with vinegar and first aid equipment for anyone who was getting injured by the blue bottles! what good samaritans (makes my heart feel so warm).

Click below to see a slideshow of pictures from Maré Island

Noumea Island, New Caledonia

To be completely honest, I've also been to Noumea Island three times and never really did anything when we got on the Island and we did the same this time around. I know there's a beautiful Island (beach) you can go to by a water taxi, but we were so tired and headed straight back onto the cruise! As you can tell we didn't do much as this is the only photo I have from Noumea.


With experiencing going on a cruise as both a child and adult, I would have to say that being on the actually boat was a lot more fun as a kid. This time round we slept a lot and really absorbed the Islands more than anything, not saying we didn't have fun at all, but I feel like our experience may have been a lot different if we had natural sunlight to wake up to.

Here's photos of some fun times we had on the boat

Peace and Love Always,

Brookie xx

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